• Working in partnership to deliver a first class experience

Working in partnership to deliver a first class experience

Etihad invites Panasonic on-board to create a Pavilion to remember at Milan Expo

Creating a visitor experience to remember

Panasonic Europe Solutions Centre, a subsidiary of Panasonic Europe, was founded in April 2015 to develop world class solutions for larger customers offering a single point of contact and accountability. 

These solutions involve Panasonic hardware, software, M2M capability and some third party products, delivered with world class engineering and project management.

For Etihad, Panasonic recruited and trained temporary technical staff, to help manage the audiovisual infrastructure and ensure the smooth running of daily events, such as cookery demonstrations, promotional events and meetings using video conferencing.

In addition, Panasonic's engineering team provide technical support and maintenance. Ultimately, once the Expo has finished, Panasonic will de-rig the whole infrastructure and ship it back to Abu Dhabi, in the original boxes, for use by Etihad elsewhere. 

Cooking up the right solution

One of the highlights of the Pavilion is the Imagination Lounge, which is set up like a functioning TV studio. An AK-HC3800, HD Studio Camera, captures regular cooking demonstrations which are streamed on to the Etihad Livestream channel.

The images are mixed live with separate feeds from two overhead AW-HE130 Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras. From a control room within the Pavilion, show producers use an AW-HS410 live switcher to move between shots as appropriate.

"Our Imagination Lounge is set up like a functioning TV studio, where we can cut between various cameras and audio you can control and screens, showing the pavilion guests what the chef is doing," said Johann Joseph, Digital Content Manager at Etihad. "This is supposed to be a temporary building, but with the amount of technology within it, it feels very much like a permanent structure.  I couldn't imagine running the pavilion without the various technologies Panasonic has provided." 

Host a virtual meeting

Panasonic has equipped a meeting room with a KX-VC1300 Video Conferencing system, a Cisco spider phone and the TH-80LF50, 80" HD LCD display.

The equipment is linked to an FZ-A1 Toughpad, which controls audio levels and allows participants to switch between input sources with ease, creating a professional work space. 

Maintaining the right atmosphere

Internal temperatures are controlled using Panasonic's heating and cooling solutions.

Standard 60cm inverter cassettes are installed throughout the building, and zones are controlled using a Panasonic wired remote controller (CZ-RTC5), while wall based inverter units are used in the control room where space is limited. 

Etihad quad-1
Etihad quad-2

A safe space

The requirement for meeting safety standards is not reduced, despite the temporary nature of the Pavilion. Panasonic provided its Bravida access control nodes, so that certain areas of the building can be restricted to card holders.

Panasonic's 4401 optical smoke detectors and 3308 heat detectors alert staff and visitors, should there be a fire. 

Etihad fire detector
Etihad smoke detector

A shared passion for customer excellence

In 2011, Etihad Airways selected Panasonic Avionics Corporation to provide the in-flight entertainment systems and in-flight connectivity, including broadband Internet and live TV, for the airline's entire longhaul fleet of wide body aircraft. Under the agreement, Etihad Airways will install Panasonic's eX2 system on its new Airbus A380s, Boeing 787s, and Boeing 777-300ERs, and will use Panasonic's eX3 solution for its new Airbus A350 aircraft.

The deal also includes the installation of Panasonic's Global Communications Suite, which provides inflight broadband connectivity, mobile phone service and live television content, across Etihad Airways' entire fleet of existing and to-be-delivered wide body aircraft.

When the airline was searching for a partner to equip the Etihad/Alitalia pavilion at Milan Expo, they knew who to trust. "Etihad is very big on using technology, Panasonic immediately came to mind because we have been working with them for a number of years on the in-flight entertainment systems. The idea was to be one of the best technologically sourced pavilions here, and so far I think we've done just that," said Johann Joseph, Digital Content Manager at the Etihad Pavilion.


Etihad at Milan Expo

Etihad is inviting you to come and discover its innovative pavilion inspired by the concept "Connecting the World". Visitors are asked to join Etihad for a life experience that is educational and entertaining for the whole family. They can meet Edi and Alia, two biofuel friends, learn from celebrity chefs showcasing their talent and secrets and even test their flying skills on one of two flight simulators. 

Johann Joseph, Digital Content Manager at Etihad, said, "Etihad is a technologically advanced airline that prides itself on providing an excellent customer experience. The Expo Pavilion is an extension of this. It's about technology, sustainability and food and about trying to deliver the best experience using technology. Upstairs we have our VIP lounge, for Etihad and Alitalia gold and platinum members. 

"We have our new on-board residences for members to take a tour of, meeting rooms and video conferencing, so it's a very different experience from the rest of the Expo. Downstairs, we want to show the public what we are about and what Abu Dhabi is about. We've created interactive games and maps, we are also using xbox connect cameras which allow visitors to interact with our mascots Edi and Alia, so it's very family orientated."