• System Product Collaborations

System Product Collaborations

Panasonic has partnered with a range of companies that support additional application within both our remote camera and live system solutions.

This includes a collaboration with KST-Moschkau, who have provided an outdoor housing solution for both the AW-UE70 and AW-HE40 in addition to wall-mounts for both these cameras and the AW-HE130.

For live production, Panasonic have entered into a partnership with MOVICOM to develop a custom-designed 4K-ready pan-tilt head called the Robyhead for the AK-UB300. Its key features include a carbon-fibre design, highly accurate movement and very slow speed of 0.01º/s to 90º/s, whilst including connectivity for both Dual and Quad-SDI, Ethernet and Fiber. 

Further live production application support comes from the collaboration with TECNOPOINT in producing rail camera systems that are ideally suited for the AW-HE130 due to its matching PTZ control GUI interface, and also meets a requirement for reality TV production.

Panasonic has also signed a European distribution contract for Antelope’s next generation of micro-cameras. This agreement covers the Antelope PICO, which provides a permanent live signal and slow motion of up to 350fps; and the Antelope ULTRA, a compact 4K camera with frame rates of up to 60fps via a single 12G-SDI output.