SAP and Panasonic Launch Joint Initiative for Video-Based Sports Analytics Solutions

SAP SE and Panasonic today announced a joint initiative, the intended goal of which is to co-innovate in the area of video-based sports analytics.

Building on SAP® Match Insights for Football - an analytics prototype SAP successfully developed with the German Football Association (DFB) for the soccer world championship 2014 in Brazil and which the company is now developing to commercialisation - the two companies are now planning to work on the integration of Panasonic’s video and tracking software.

Panasonic delivers positional data from its video analysis and software which is analysed by the SAP tool during a match. The ultra-wide-angle camera system, developed by Panasonic, consists of four units attached to a rig, with real-time stitching to create a panoramic video four times normal size (64:9). This set-up makes it possible to capture the action across the entire field.

The ultra-wide-angle camera is usually suspended from the ceiling or integrated in to the roof construction of a stadium. It is connected to a computer with Panasonic software detects and collects the geographical data of the players and the ball from the video.

The file containing the raw data is planned to be transferred to the SAP HANA® platform, allowing accurate real-time analysis of the movement of each player and the ball.

Video-based sports analytics, in combination with SAP HANA, is a promising alternative to the method that uses sensors attached to a player’s shin wear or the ball to capture data. Official regulation typically prohibits wearing sensors during a live football match, while the non-intrusive use of video equipment in proximity of the pitch is allowed.

A first prototype of this joint initiative will be presented on the Panasonic stand at the IBC 2014, taking place at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam from September 12-16, 2014.