• Users' Thoughts on the UX Series

Users' thoughts on the UX Series

Customers in Italy speak about their recent experiences with Panasonic's UX series of 4K camcorders

Since their first showing at IBC 2016, Panasonic's UX series camcorders haveoffered a compact way to acquire 4K content.

The pair of integrated lens cameras are finding favour amongst video professionals of all kinds, including in Italy, where a number of customers have spoken about their experiences with the cameras.

Studio Arte e Video

Evaristo Tommasin runs Studio Arte e Video in Novara, Italy, where he makes use of two AG-UX90 camcorders for live events, shows and government projects. "Thanks to the fixed lens, I have a lot more flexibility," he said. "But when I need to use multiple lenses, such as with most wedding work, I tend to use a still camera instead."

"The two cameras were a perfect replacement for the Panasonic AG-HPX171 I was previously using. I'm already planning to take the two UX90s out on a number of upcoming events which will involve me using them on a tripod."

The UX series cameras support recording up to 4K (4096x2160 at 24p) and UHD (3840x2160), with the AG-UX180 premium model also supporting dual codec recording and infrared recording in low light.

The UX series cameras support recording up to 4K (4096x2160 at 24p) and UHD (3840x2160), with the AG-UX180 premium model also supporting dual codec recording and infrared recording in low light.

New Age Video

Andrea Grando's company New Age Video is based in La Spezia. Setting up the company in 1993, he has done work for weddings as well as ceremonies, sports events, local government initiatives, theatre and music videos.

"My work is very diverse, ranging from weddings to surgery videos and documentaries, so I was looking for a versatile camera solution that would accommodate all of these types of shooting.

"I chose the UX180 because of the good word about it online, and although I've only been using it a short while, I can speak very positively of it - it's well balanced, with all the controls you find yourself using a lot easily to hand in the right place, and it's got a nice level of brightness and colour fidelity when I look at the footage during editing."

Both UX series camcorders feature wideangle 24mm LEICA DICOMAR lenses, as well as a 15x (UX90) or 20x (UX180) optical zoom. Meanwhile an additional intelligent zoom function increases the capability further to a maximum of 25x whilst maintaining high resolution.

Rosario Fichera

Rosario Fichera works as a freelance videographer, doing video journalism and documentaries with the AG-UX180. "I chose the camera after hearing good things about it from colleagues. I've already shot video in both 4K and FHD, and I'm very enthusiastic about what I will be able to achieve in the future with it."


Marco Nanni of Mrcmultimedia is anothe adopter of the AG-UX180. The company does a wide array of TV, documentary, commercial and event filmography.

"I chose the UX180 thanks to its versatility, light weight and particularly the fact that setting new parameters is very quick to do. I use the camera primarily for events as well as interviews, where I make use of the 50fps UHD mode."

The AG-UX180 offers variable frame rate recording from 2-60fps, as well as super slow motion of 100-120fps. The camera also has IR functionality.

"I was really surprised by the capability of its brightness sensor, battery life as well as its overall quality," added Marco. "Compared with more expensive cameras, there is a not a lot of difference between those and the Panasonic."