Panasonic TOUGHBOOK whitepaper

Vi samarbeider kontinuerlig med anerkjente institutter og bransjeeksperter for å skape IT-innsikt i dagens kommersielle verden. Forskningen vår er basert på direkte kontakt med kunder og grundige markedsanalyser noe som gjør den ideell for avgjørelser om IT-kjøp.
Du finner alle utredningene og forskningen vår nedenfor.

  • Time to do more

    In the workplace, we often find there are too many things on our “To Do list” and not enough time to do them. The pressures can cause mental stress and strain and mean that for much of the time we are burdened with repetitive tasks. At its worst, technology can also often add to that burden with constant connectivity leading to multiple demands and distractions. But what if the right technology, the right mobile device, could help you find the time to do more?

  • Future Technologies and the Impact on Mobile Workforces and their Devices

    Although a wide range of exciting future technologies are being watched closely, there is clear evidence from this research that businesses are adopting and looking to capitalise on the benefits of Big Data, the Internet of Things and Sensor technology for their mobile workforces.