Some customers have not responded to our prior efforts to ensure your safety, despite previous announcements and effort from our sales and service teams to contact you. Panasonic now requires that you obtain and install software which diagnoses and controls the state of this TOUGHBOOK's battery as follows:

Please ensure that you have accepted the download and installation of this diagnosis and control software on your CF-C2 no later than 12th October 2020 in order to avoid disruptions or data loss on your PC.




Panasonic lanserer det kraftige og robuste nettbrettet TOUGHBOOK A3 med støtte for Panasonic COMPASS 2.0, markedets første samling av enterprise management-verktøy til TOUGHBOOK-enheter basert på Android


First of all, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Europe would like to thank all frontline people who are making sure our daily lives and wider infrastructure is kept running.

Next, we would like to share with you the steps we are taking to support our valued European customers, channel partners and employees during the intensifying Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

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