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  • Business SIP Systems

Business SIP Systems

SIP Phone Systems

Freedom to choose the way your communications system grows

Business never stands still. Your needs change frequently – that’s why Panasonic provides such a broad range of communication systems for multiple business applications. From SIP phone systems that let you scale up or down easily, depending on your needs, to invisible cloud-based communication solutions that free up valuable space. And all complemented by a range of rigorously tested handsets or desktop phones.

Panasonic make some of the most reliable communication systems in the world. Just one of the reasons we’ve been a market leader in the business telephone systems industry for a quarter of a century.

SIP systems for every size of company

Panasonic SIP-phone devices are flexible, easy to deploy, compatible with leading soft-switch technology suppliers and capable of growing with your business. Not only does this ensure you can communicate effectively with your staff and customers, it helps keep costs down too.

Panasonic is also about freedom of choice. A wide range of system options, handset and phone options mean we can help you create a system exactly suited to your needs – and the demands of different working environments. Whether you want a small office phone system capable of providing High Definition VoIP calls for a few users through wired or wireless handsets, or a multi-site system that can facilitate working and communicating from mobile devices across the world (all controlled by the latest communication platforms), Panasonic have the expert advice to help you build a SIP system that will support you and your business effectively.

SIP systems – the business benefits

With a number of advantages over traditional analogue phone communication systems, business phone systems based around Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology are rapidly increasing in popularity.

Reduced call costs, improved functionality and simplicity of administration are all benefits that enable you to adopt an IP based system that delivers low total cost of ownership, fast turnaround times for system changes – and improve your customer service levels at the same time.

Our range of Business IP telephone systems includes SIP cordless systems, SIP DECT based units, SIP DECT multi cell systems and our SIP desktop terminals.

To learn more about individual products in our business VoIP and business SIP systems range, please select from the options below. And if you’d like to talk to a Panasonic representative personally, simply click the contact button below.