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About HDVC

Why Panasonic Video Conference?

High Image and Sound Quality

The technical expertise that Panasonic has accumulated in its many AV products has led to high image and sound quality.

High Image Quality

Panasonic's unique high-quality image technology, which was accumulated with its VIERA and DIGA products, help to create a powerful realism, making it seem like everyone is in the same room. The digital home electronics platform Uniphier® system LSI also makes it possible to display facial expressions and gestures in clear, full-HD images as part of the visual communication experience.

* Uniphier® is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation.


High Sound Quality

Natural 2-way conversations are achieved thanks to a unique echo canceller. It reduces echo and howling, and enables a lifelike sound quality without interruptions even when two people speak at the same time. Broadband stereo achieves clear and expansive sounds. In addition, a boundary microphone (sold separately) with a direction recognition function, indicates the direction of the speaker's voice and position to the listeners. This creates a natural conversation that makes it feel like everyone is in the same room even when they are in remote locations, and relieves fatigue when talking for long periods of time.


Stable Connection

Original Panasonic AV-QoS

The HD Visual Communications System is packed with Panasonic ‘black box’ technology for high quality connection stability. A rate control function accurately estimates network congestion, and controls the data transfer amount to reduce packet loss. In addition, the combined usage of Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) helps to restore inevitable packet loss. These functions make it possible to achieve a stable connection and prevent image disruptions and sound interruptions, both on intranets and on the Internet, where bandwidth is not guaranteed and the usable bandwidth constantly changes due to traffic conditions. The range of business opportunities naturally expands because of the ability to conduct visual communication with clients and customers outside the company.


Easy Operation

Easy-to-understand remote control operation and screen displays.

Select the desired party with either a one-touch button or by using the address book. The remote control is as easy to use as a TV remote.

  1. Speed Dial
    You can contact five frequently called locations with a single touch.

  2. Address Book
    Select and connect to the desired party directly from the address book.

  3. Connection Status Display Screen
    You can easily check the connection status of the network and peripheral devices.



Content Sharing

Switch to a sub camera or a PC screen with one-touch ease, and share data, such as movies or software applications.

Sharing a PC Screen

Show your PC screen to the other party and discuss while you both look at the same graph or presentation data.