• More about Panaboards

  • More about Panaboards

About Panasonic Panaboards


Why choose a Panasonic I-Board?

Ideal for the boardroom or classroom, Panasonic interactive panels and multi-touch I-Boards make interactivity the focus. The range offers uniquely flexible technology, which allows information to be displayed, shared, manipulated and stored.

PC screen images can be displayed on the interactive whiteboard, and you can operate the PC from the I-Board’s interactive panel too, helping you deliver smooth, easy-to-understand presentations, whether you’re presenting to colleagues or students.

Why choose a Panasonic Panaboard?

Whether you look for a Panaboard with a built-in printer which allows you to simply print your notes, or directly save them as a PDF/TIFF on PC or USB memory device, or an advanced colour Panaboard on which you can save the information written on the board onto a PC, an SD Memory Card or Flash memory, and distribute it as electronic data to your colleagues from a PC, all in colour, Panasonic will provide the perfect solution for you.

Panasonic I-Board & Panaboard accessories?

From interactive tablets to infrared wireless microphones and easirespond voting system, Panasonic offers a wide spectrum of  I-Board and Panaboard accessories and support technology. What distinguishes our range is that it’s been developed in conjunction with feedback from industry professionals, as well as our own ongoing research and development.

The outcome is a range of presentation accessories that make presentations more engaging and interactive than ever before.