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Cameramanager real-time cloud-based video surveillance service by Panasonic



Your business is something precious: it is something to be proud of. Panasonic Cameramanager helps you to keep it save, by offering an easy-to-use and care-free video surveillance solution. By storing your videos and managing your cameras in the cloud, you can access your video surveillance anywhere and anytime.

With the software of Cameramanager, that you use on your computer, smartphone and tablet, you can view real-time videos in the cloud, find footage back based on motion, sound and infrared detection and aim your camera at what it is you want to monitor.To keep you alert we also send push notifcations if an event is recorded, so you can take direct action. It's that simple.

Connecting your camera to Cameramanager is done within minutes. Hassle free, because it is all automated. This way we make sure that you have all the time you need for your business. Also, we with our afforable pricing, we make cloud video surveillance affordable for every business. Pricing starts at € 4,95 euro per month.

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